Legal risk management

Added value
Operational approach
Added value

At Riskitor Ltd., a Legal Risk Manager assumes the responsibility for identifying and assessing the legal risks involved in the customer company’s business activities.

Our systematic approach enables us to identify the situations and areas in which we can
– reduce your expenditure,
– minimize the impact of the risks of damages and losses, and
– secure your profits.

Operational approach

Our service includes three key areas:
– risk surveys,
– support for decision-making, and
– continued support.

The point of the risk surveys is to weed out the hidden factors. When it comes to decision-making, a business lawyer can bring significant added financial value to the table. In order for the LRM to be effective in assessing the import of specific issues, the service includes continued support, which can be accessed by phone or e-mail whenever the customer has questions.


The service is tailored to meet the specific business needs of the company in question. The fixed cost of the service is between 1.000 to 10.000 euro per month.

It’s definitely worth a shot. To make it easy for you, we offer a two-month trial period during which you can cancel the service without any additional charges.

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